We may sound like a new brand, but we’ve been at this for a long time.

In 1972 we were founded as Sonnenberg Insurance Services, Inc., a Local Agency for Florida Blue, in Largo, FL. In 2021 National Health Insurance Agencies (NHIA), a Local Agency for Florida Blue with locations in Brandon and Bradenton, FL, joined Sonnenberg as affiliates of SandStone Insurance Partners, the parent company of YourMedPlan.com.

Our mettle is proven, but we’re quick to evolve. We know that today’s consumer demands a new experience with speed, ease, and an unmatched quality of service. YourMedPlan.com was built to deliver that experience.

So if you want to maximize your health and wealth, rest easy about your insurance choices, and have an expert make sure it stays that way, let us be your guide.